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Harmony Gospel Mix - Heavenly Music Here On Earth!
Playing Heavenly Music Here On Earth
This station plays a nice blend of Southern Gospel Music which has made Quartet Style Singing and Close Harmony famous worldwide

This is a Parti-Radio L.L.C. station partnered with Global Southern Gospel Radio.

Spacial Audio Solutions - SAM 3 Broadcaster

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Welcome To Gospel Harmony Mix Radio

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 We are happy to offer to listeners our free Last 10 Desktop Playlist.  This popup free playlist that fellow broadcasters DJ Lex created and DJ Northernlightz designed for us will let you see what's playing and what's been played.  There are buttons on the playlist to email us and to even make requests.  Listeners can also use this desktop application to tune into our radio stations.   The player is available for both Windows and Mac users. Playlists for both modem and broadband listeners.   Even supports VIP listeners when we are in BASIC mode.  It's absolutely free.  Click HERE or picture above to download it now.  Extract it to your desktop.  The picture to left is about one-fourth the actual size. Enjoy.


A Live365 Featured Broadcast (April 19-25 2002) and Editor's Pick Station

Welcome to Gospel Harmony Mix!

What's New at Gospel Harmony Mix?

We are always grateful to hear from our visitors and listeners. We hope you will tune in often and tell us what you think about our station and the music we are playing.

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Welcome  listeners.

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Click on the Global Southern Gospel Radio logo to learn what is happening in Southern and Country Gospel Music along with the top hit parade and new hits released charts. This page also is where you go to learn about our featured artist and to find out what new tracks we've added to our playlist

                 New Features             

And learn about our Formerly Featured Artists.

Learn about the History of Southern Gospel Music.

More about SGM's history and Its Roots.

Learn about the Role of the Piano In SGM.

And that leads to the Master of the Keyboard himself.


This station was nominated by other broadcasters and a select committee at Live365 as a finalist in both the Best Christian and Best Country station categories in the Best of Live365 Awards competition. If you nominated or voted for this station, we want to thank you for your faith and confidence in us.  We believe the music we play is the best music in the world albeit with a southern and country flavor.  We're mighty proud of our artists and musicians.

               Just So You Know           

Any Buy buttons you click that take you to Amazon.com benefit Live365 and not this station which keeps them in business and sending out the gospel music we play here.  If the music is not available from Amazon, we try to send you to the artist's website who need and deserve our support.   Pray for the Christian artists we play.

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Parti-Radio L.L.C. is joining with the Global Southern Gospel Radio network in order to give our listeners the best in Southern Gospel Music.  During the next few weeks listeners will see many changes that are being made by our program directors Randy Renigar and Betty Tilley.  You are also encouraged to check out Randy's SGM blog by clicking on the Global Southern Gospel Radio logo above.


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Modem Listeners

For those who do not have a broadband connection, we encourage you to tune into our friend Rob Patz's Southern Gospel music station by clicking here.  We are sure the music they play will be a blessing.

Radio News!

Did you know KSGM.com operates three radio internet radio stations?  In addition to this SGM station, we also have a country gospel station and a bluegrass gospel station.


Have you listened to our GospelTwang station yet? If you like gospel music with a twang, drop by our new station by clicking the Country Gospel button to the left.  To tune in to this station, click  Gospel Grass Radio!

Have you listened to our Gospel Grass station yet?  The mission of the station is to present authentic bluegrass gospel music.  If you like music with the mountain sound, drop by our new station by clicking the Bluegrass Gospel button to the left.  To tune in to this station, click

Christian News



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Charisma Online News Service


More Radio News!

 Your help is needed to  save internet radio which is threatened by the recent Copyright Royalty Board's rate ruling on March 2nd.

Please click on the link to the left and if you don't see your Congressman listed, please take time to write and call your Congressman and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 2060 - Internet Radio Equality Act.  The link at the bottom of the page will take you to SaveNetRadio.org where you can get info about your Congressman.

Listeners no longer have to register to listen!

Our PartiRadio L.L.C. radio network stations are all X5000 stations which means that our listeners no longer have to register to listen.  However, if you are a VIP listener, you will want to log in if you expect to listen to our stream commercial-free, The other reason you might want to enter is if you would like to use a specific player when the station is launched.  Click here if you'd like to register

FYI, iTunes listeners are not affected by this change.


This station was honored to have been nominated in two categories.

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