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Who Is This Jesus?

Gospel music with a twang
Playing pure, sanctified country and bluegrass music

Gospel Twang Radio is a PartiRadio L.L.C. owned station.


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Welcome to Gospel Twang Radio

Last three songs played on our Ad-Free stream.      For our regular stream click here.


New Desktop Playlist!

We are happy to announce the release of our new Last 10 Desktop Playlist.  This popup free playlist was created by fellow broadcaster DJ Lex.  It will let you see what's playing and what's been played.  There are buttons on the playlist to email us and to even make requests.  Listeners can also use this desktop application to tune into this radio station.   The player is available for both Windows and Mac users. Even supports VIP listeners when we are in BASIC mode.  It's absolutely free.  Click HERE or picture (th actual size) at left to download it now.  Simply extract the playlist to your desktop.  Enjoy.


If you are a dialup modem user, please visit our friend Rob Patz's Christian Country station by clicking here.

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